❒ The amazing Chescaleigh has made a video poignantly highlighting issues of racism in the YouTube community.  


    She talks about the trend where comedy is used to justify harmful things.   Delving deeper, she talks about how the usage (and acceptance) of black face and racial stereotypes contributes to anti-blackness and even murder, in the case of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and countless others.  Make sure you give it a watch and share.

    ❒ A long time advocate against sexual abuse in the YouTube community, and especially the UK community, Lex has made an on-point video addressing the way that abusers should respond.  Definitely worth 3 minutes of your time.

    Yet another case of sexual abuse has surfaced.  Jason Viohni aka “Veeoneeye”, has admitted to getting a minor drunk in order to take advantage of her.  


    What is particularly disturbing here is the number of people sticking up for him as well as the fact that he made the video “unlisted” so it cannot be found by unknowing viewers.  Please make this information known to your friends who may be at conferences, festivals, etc.

    ❒ I did a radio interview on BBC, along with Dottie, about YouTube sexual abuse.

    ❒ Another young woman has come forward about being raped by Sam.  

    ❒ This blog by one of Sam’s fans bravely provides a pretty detailed (and typical) account of his non-criminal (but still terrible and wrong) behavior.

    Youtube, listen up!!

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    don’t put up those walls… Unless it’s to hang this poster!!! AHHH NEW MERCH!! —- districtlines.com/Harto

  8. Today, I met Wayne White. When I was little, Pee Wee’s Playhouse was my dream. I got to live in it a little today, and just a small taste of it was so mind-blowingly awesome and surreal. Art is real and amazing and most of all, fun. Faith restored, even for just a little bit. #waynewhite #joshualinergallery #puppets #chelsea #nyc (at Joshua Liner Gallery)

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  11. supersonicart:

    Wayne White’s “Invisible Ruler" at Joshua Liner Gallery.

    Opening tonight - Thursday, September 11th, 2014 - at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York, New York is Wayne White’s solo show, “Invisible Ruler."  Wayne White’s eccentric style and life has been well documented through documentaries such as "Beauty is Embarrassing,” and years of hard work in almost every field of art from cartooning, puppet design (he designed the puppets on Pee Wee’s Playhouse) to directing (He directed the Smashing Pumpkin’s video for “Tonight, Tonight.”)  ”Invisible Ruler" will feature a plethora of new work from kinetic sculptures to pen and ink drawings, and of course his signature words on found art paintings.  See more below!

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    This is an amazing, well-designed, incredibly sad graphic.
    I want justice for Mike Brown, so, so much.

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