1. sayonararolling:

    very unfortunate

    This is so lovely, bb!! <3

  2. denvertypefoundry:

    One day block print featuring the Beastie Boys. If you’d like to own your own edition of this print, order here

    (via goodtypography)

  3. Hey #ATL!! My dear friend and mentor Gary has a beautiful show up at the #ADAC (Atlanta Decorative Arts Center), reception is tomorrow and Thursday from 5-8pm!! The show is up for a week, please stop by to see it and say hi to mah dewd for me!! I can only be there #inspirit! #gallery #atlanta #garyweiss #imissatl


  4. I am thirty years old, and I don’t know how to go to bed on time.

  5. luckyshirt:

    Went in the water a third time today because fuck it. Now I look like a lumberjack of the ocean who fronts an eighties synth band.

    All I ever wanted was a lumberjack of the ocean (viking) who fronts an eighties synth band.


  6. Thank you to everyone who has reblogged my commissions post—I really appreciate it, and it will help me (and my teeth) out a lot!! 



    I’ve come into a bit of a bind, a bind that involves 2 root canals blessed with incredibly insufficient dental insurance to the tune of something like $1,600. Obviously I’m not expecting to win all this back with commissions, but I am hoping that I can cover some of it with these here two artist hands!! ::brandishes beautiful stubby but effective hands::

    For the sake of time and the state of my terrible teeth, I’ve created a handy dandy guide to show what kind of commissions I’m offering, with some varying levels of pricing options. HERE WE GO.


    1 character. Up to 3 characters, $10/ea additional.
    Straightforward bust and up shot, simple graphic background. You will get a hi-res .jpeg of the artwork!
    (I promise these can be non-SnK related, lol, but these are two good examples of commissions I’ve done recently)


    1 character. Up to 3 characters, $10/ea additional.
    Full body character, simple graphic background. You will get a hi-res .jpeg of the artwork!


    9X12 PAINTING THINGS - $35
    1 character. Up to 3 characters, $10/ea additional.
    Depending on the difficulty of the character / space on the page, I will choose to do a bust or full-body drawing, and use guache/watercolor to paint. You will get a hi-res .jpeg of the artwork! If you would like the painting as well, for additional shipping fees, I can mail a hard copy to you as well.

    So, that’s about it! If interested, please shoot me a mail through here on tumblr, or an email at katie@seekatiedraw.com! If you’ve been following me here on tumblr for a minute, you’ve seen that I’ve been really plowing through these commissions all week long and for the next few weeks, so I hope for there to be a smaller turnaround time. 

    Me, and my teeth, thank you a whole lot!! <3 

    **ALSO if you have outstanding commissions from me, no fear—I am expected to finish those up this week!! HOORAY.

  8. Jean’s turn. #commission #derpinaroundinillustrator #vectorlife #snk #shingekinokyojin #attackontitan #AoT

  9. Knockin em out!! #allnightlong #commissions #utena #revolutionarygirlutena #derpinaroundinillustrator #vectorlife I don’t really watch the #animus much anymore but I remember this show!!

  10. #Commissions all night, #fun stuff!! Opening them again soon… #derpinaroundinillustrator #vectorlife #boopboopboop #mikasa #snk #shingekinokyojin #AoT #attackontitan Yo, I realize now I never did SnK fanart because OMG the #3DMG #augh

  11. asylum-art:

    The Nightmare Visions of iRika Ezaki

  12. Commission work, laying in color, jujing the palette. shuumatsuheroine is the most patient ever with me. ❤️❤️